4 ways to refresh your Hospitality and Logistics Business

4 ways to refresh your Hospitality and Logistics Business

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BITLASOFT is a bootstrapped and profitable business management solutions provider that provides Bus, Cargo, Hotels, Tours & Activities Operators with customized, configurable and on the go solution for your business. We at Bitla software are one of the most fastest growing company to manage your business and simplify it with our advanced and automated techniques.

4 ways to  refresh your Hospitality and Logistics Business
Best Software Providing Company

Business Management Software is an extensive allocation of unified applications that help in executing business. With business intelligence software we can plan our forthcoming activities, regulate current activities, easily coordinate with various departments.

Some advantages of Business Management Software are:
Higher occupancy
Streamlined Operations
Multi- channel Inventory distribution
Direct loyal Customers
Cloud Solution
Efficient Management with Analytics & intuitive system
Automated process and data acquisition
Fast and Easy resolution
Online reports and trends generation

Transport Management Software: It is a subspace of supply chain management in regards to conveying services and shall be part of an industry support planning system.TicketSimply helps in managing bus operation and provides a range of seamless functions to the bus operators like Booking Engine, In-depth operations management software, easy agents & branches management, Reservation Charts are easily accessible which can track passengers cargo bookings digitally, Digitized check-in.

Some benefits of Transport Management Software are:

Bus Operation made easy
Inventory Manager and GDS can easily track
Mobile Booking Applications
Booking Engine and website CMS
GPS tracking and alerts can be easily accessible
Booking Portals and apps for OTA’s
Inventory distribution
Revenue Management
Enhanced customer service

Hotel Management Software is also known as Property Management System manufacturing, logistics, intellectual property, hospitality accommodation management. HotelSimply is our personalized computerized systems that facilitate Property Management System, Booking engine, Front desk Manager, Material control, Rate Watch, Channel Manager, Website CMS, Point of sale Management, Brand Watch, Mobile Booking Applications.

Software management has easily recovered traditional basic methods that tend to be inconvenient and feeble. Today’s breed in hotel management software fervor automated technology and proffer their patron a customized software model. One can easily plan for a particular Destination Management Software as we are expertise in local knowledge and assets, specializing in the arrangement and applications of events, activities, tours, transportation, touristic resources of a particular destination and program logistics. Tour Management Software has been designed with keeping in mind about your customer. We administer your business with all it needs from an expense control portal and tour management software. We ensure your data is accessible when you need it, accumulating travel logs & audit tracking, contributing reporting tools and computerized cost allotment for authentic budget statistics and superlative spend authority.

Some uses of Tour Management Software are:

Store past travel logs and changes
Automated audit tracking
Travel product inventory
Capturing spend data in real-time
Managing reservation process
Gaining valuable insights from the data
Generating invoices and track payment

CargoSimply is a platform that streamlines your cargo and logistics operations through the bus. Cargo Management software is to develop and deliver IT solutions for logistics industry through technological expertise.Our group of CargoSimply experts listens and analyze to your business requirement and suggest increased performance and work with you to deliver bus cargo management solution that is updated through your processes and customized to your needs. Supply chain inventory management is a cross-functional access that comprises of managing the movement of raw materials, conversion of raw materials into finished goods, and the shifting finished goods from the organization to the end customer.

It is useful for:

Inventory Management
Quotations, online bookings, and pickup orders
Step-by-Step agenda to achieve cargo operations
Enabling customers to track their cargo
Dealing with regulatory requirements
Routing, dispatching, and planning

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