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Social Distancing – The Way Forward

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has made social distancing, may be better termed as physical distancing, the new normal for us. To help our society fight this unprecedented situation, maintaining a distance of 2 meters between two people has become the norm. In the bus industry, we can contribute strongly by ensuring that social distancing is ...

What is Dynamic Pricing & How to use it?

The biggest tasks faced by bus operators today are Revenue Management & Price Optimization. The reality is that bus operators need a sophisticated pricing strategy to gain a competitive advantage. In this context, Dynamic Pricing can come to the rescue. It is a new-blooming trend across the bus industry that creates an opportunity for the ...

How to Manage Agent Status Configuration

As we all know almost all the Bus Operators are closely connected with various travel agencies or individual travel agents to bring bus bookings. Such a dependency on the travel agencies comes with a challenge to maintain huge transactions responsibly for the bus operators. In such scenarios, there is a need to have a proper ...