Planning a healthy game to simplify your business

Planning a healthy game to simplify your business

Planning a healthy game to simplify your business

With the accelerated growth of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, the business across the world has realized that their data is one of their most valuable assets with skilled personnel and time. While companies use ‘n’ number of tools to organize their infrastructure, managing website, customer service, business data etc which makes it all dispersed in different software and makes the data more tangled, more expensive, unorganized, no real-time overview, bad decision making based on insufficient knowledge etc are some accepted problems occurring in every business department. However with the increase in the development of SaaS Application a cloud-based service management software customers can easily operate it by subscribing to the services built on mutual framework through the Internet. This model has bloomed in modern times due to amazing benefits for all sizes and types of businesses.

Bitlasoft is trying to simplify business for Travel, Hospitality, Holidays and Logistics by using Saas application. We provide business management software for:

Transport management software
TicketSimply is the best example for transportation management system (TMS) which is part of supply chain management for transportation movement and an enterprise resource planning software.

Hotel management software
It is a software which is used to manage your hotel or property for manufacturing, logistics, hospitality accommodation, and management. These are computerized systems which simplifies property management, personal property, maintenance, legalities through Saas-based software. Hotelsimply can easily manage your business software which is owned by Bitla software Pvt.Ltd.

Destination management software
HolidaySimply is a leading tour operator booking software, which provides 360° tour and activity Management businesses. Our software is designed specially for the requirements of inbound and outbound tour operators, wholesalers and destination management companies.

Activity management software
HolidaySimply can arrange fun activities to satisfy your customers vacation a memorable experience. With a wide range of capabilities, your itineraries will be more fun. Enter prices, different time slots, main services and descriptions and enjoy your business software solutions.

Tour management software
HolidaySimply can let you breeze hassle free inventory management that will increase your revenue as it enables you to manage all functions right from creating packages to connecting with third party suppliers to differential pricing. This revolutionary software also provides integration with Google maps for geo-location.

Cargo management software
Bitlasoft offers world class travel products for your clients across the globe. You can earn the best commission ever. Our amazing customer success & service team helps you and your customers in creating great success stories, business growth and happiness.

Bitlasoft is the India’s Leading Software providing Company
Best Leading Software

Bitlasoft is the India’s Leading Saas application, Cloud based software, Mobile technology solutions provider for Travel, Hospitality, Holidays & Leisure and Logistics businesses. We work with Bus Operators, Bus GDS & Online Bus Ticketing portals(OTAs), Hoteliers, Holidays & Tour Operators and Cargo/Logistics Operators in growing their online brand, driving direct loyal customers, multichannel distribution for acquiring business from all sources with complete control & operational efficiency & intelligence.

Advantages of Saas Application:

1.Adapting Saas application is high
Saas applications can be easily used on any computer or device by using internet as a bridging tool from anywhere and anytime. It has high adoption rates, with a lower learning curve.

2.Low cost
Saas applications are subscription based. They have lower initial costs. Having the Saas provider who manages the IT infrastructure means lower IT costs for hardware, software, and the people needed to manage it all.

3.Easy Upgradation, Uptime and Security
As the Saas vendor administers all updates and upgrades, customers don’t have to worry about downloads or installation. They also take care of availability, so customers don’t have to add hardware or software etc.

4.Smooth Assembling
Bitlasoft offers customized Saas Application according to the needs and requirements of the customers, and we also provide application programming Interface that let our customers link with their existing ERP software or any other business productivity software.

5.Can be operated from anywhere
As the Saas software is operated in the cloud through the internet, users can use it via mobile or any other devices which can be connected. It helps in checking customer order, histories prior to a sales call, access to real time data and real time order taking with the customer.

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