7 reasons HotelSimply is among the best hotel management software

7 reasons HotelSimply is among the best hotel management software

If you are still evaluating if you should use a PMS to manage your hotel or are stuck with a Dark Age offline system, then it is time to know about HotelSimply. HotelSimply, a cloud based PMS is an end to end solution that not just allows you to manage your operations but also helps you manage your inventory distribution across multiple OTAs. Read on to know 7 reasons why HotelSimply is the right PMS for you.

1.Cloud based
In today’s fast paced world, anywhere anytime accessibility is the biggest need of the hour. HotelSimply being cloud based PMS application can be accessed on the go, 24/7 from any part of the world and help you manage your hotel operations without having to worry about the IT infrastructure.

2.Data Security
Data insecurity will be a thing of past with HotelSimply as the entire data is stored on the most secure cloud servers. You don’t have to worry about the data theft, loss of data due to system failure or damage due to any natural calamity. All your data vis-à-vis hotel configurations, operational setups, activity logs, transactions details, Guest information etc. is securely stored in highly reliable data centers.

3.In-built Channel Manager
With HotelSimply’s built-in channel manager you can now have total control over your inventory distribution in real time, across multiple OTAs. Powered by HotelSimply’s built-in channel manager, 100% occupancy would no more be a mere wish, but an everyday possibility.

4.Integrated Booking Engine
HotelSimply also features tightly integrated booking engine enabling hotel websites to allow netizens to book hotel accommodations on these websites. The booking engine is very intelligently designed and can blend with your existing website. HotelSimply booking engine comes with fully integrated payment gateway system that allows the hotelier to accept online payments in any currency.

5.The hoteliers Boutique
HotelSimply offers hassle free solutions for your hotel operations the way you want it to be. HoteSimply can flex its muscle to fit hotel of any stature vis-a-vis Bed and Breakfast, Budget hotel, Resort, Service Apartment and Chain of hotels.

6.Software Updates
All software & security updates will be automatically pushed to all the users without user having to manually update the system.

Get your online PMS with HotelSimply that offers flexible pay as – you go subscription model. With zero infrastructure costs, zero server maintenance hassles and with the monthly charging model, this is possibly the most affordable solution for all the needs of your hotel.

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