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Benefits to Bus Operators

Bitlasoft Rupee

Your Revenue

Bitlasoft Rupee

Increase Your Revenue

Add more sales channels, maximize OTA booking success with deep OTA integrations, open your own digital shop using a mobile app, increasing your mobile and desktop bookings with Bitla's best-in-class technology that helps to boost your revenue, while payments always reach you on time.

Bitlasoft Channel

Add More Sales Channels

Ready-to-integrate with all major OTAs to increase your sales, customize sales channels to win more customers, use standard commission, or choose your own - your OTA sales channel will be ready from day one.

Bitlasoft Digital

Open Digital e-Commerce Shop

Reach your customers with pre-built mobile apps and websites, customized using your logo and brand identity. Your customers get cutting-edge mobile-first experiences, while you will benefit from an optimized booking funnel.

Bitlasoft Channel

Launch Marketing Campaigns

Use customizable marketing templates to inform your loyal customers about new routes and offers, design and launch your own loyalty program to reward loyal customers and drive your customers to visit your website to make bookings often.

Bitlasoft cost

Reduce Your

Bitlasoft cost

Reduce Your Costs

TicketSimply is an all-in-one platform that includes marketing, sales, an e-commerce shop, helps you to optimize routes so less fuel is consumed while maintaining the fuel cost per trip and a lot more. As a result, save money and enhance your profits.

Bitlasoft trips

Optimize Trips

With the help of route wise booking, collection summary, occupancy analysis on a daily basis and performance reports you can optimize the number of trips planned for a route and save money.

Bitlasoft reduce cost

Fuel Cost

Analyzing reports to easily understand fuel consumption patterns, insights to optimize fuel costs with appropriate operational steps.

Bitlasoft Universal

Grow Your

Bitlasoft Universal

Grow Your Business

Require the right set of people to think one step ahead to provide a better customer experience with reducing risk and helping you attract more customers with more smiles. And growth hits the peak.

Bitlasoft Mobility

Mobility App

With TicketSimply Mobile App drivers and agents book tickets on the move and gets the real-time status of passenger boarding and occupied seats.

Bitlasoft Visibility

Complete Visibility

Monitor all your branch performances from any corner of the world, track your bus locations, get updates on passenger boarding and seat bookings in real-time with cash flow, and analyze payment differences to be paid to OTAs.

Bitlasoft performance

Branch Performance

Monitor and analyse branch-level performance viz. bookings, cancellations and expenses, check reports to give visibility of profitability at every level of your business viz. trips, routes, branches, overall company.

Bitlasoft track

Track Bus Location

Tracking bus locations in real-time will not only help to track ETA with vehicle movement information, notify customers instantly but to stay relaxed by noticing your customers are enjoying the comfortable journey.

Bitlasoft Cashflow


Get full visibility to the net balance of cash moving in and out of the business between agents, branches, and head office at any given point in time.

Bitlasoft payments


Easily spot payment differences with OTA recon report and avoid confusion with the payments.