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Unite all your OTA’s, build an online presence, manage internal operations of any bus business. Ticketsimply brings sales, service, marketing, reports, B2B Network, Occupancy forecast, payment transactions, and do a lot more together on a single platform.

Bitlasoft Platform

One Platform

Easy to manage internal operations across branch offices, agent relations, and bus crew members. Helps in the smooth- functioning of your business without any hassle.

Bitlasoft Sales

Sales Growth

By using data and superior technology, provides the highest conversion of online sales using own or OTA channels. TicketSimply enables visibility of sales across branches, agent partners with P&L accounting view at every level viz bus, route, branch office, or country level.

Bitlasoft mobile

Mobile App

Mobile app to bus crew members help manage passenger onboarding and real-time coordination between dispatch manager, checking inspector, and field collection officers.

Bitlasoft marketing

Easier Marketing

TicketSimply provides a fast single-page booking flow with all payment options, tools to plan offers and execute marketing campaigns using SMS or WhatsApp. TicketSimply enables the management of coupons and privilege cards to retain loyal customers with ease.

Bitlasoft ownership

Employee Ownership

TicketSimply provides full control over employee privilege, their actions, and tracks outcomes to help you establish accountability and retain control over employee actions in your supervision.

Bitlasoft API

Fast, Simple & flexible API

TicketSimply provides APIs for other software developers to do quick integrations with any third-party products and innovate newer experiences, enhancements for customers.

Bitlasoft online store

Online Store

Create your online store and manage it with digital tools for the customers who book tickets using mobile apps, mobile browsers or desktop computers.

Honoured to be Recognised

Since 2007, we have strived to bring change in the bus industry by providing the Bus Operators with the best-in-class bus ticketing ecosystem. We are honoured to be recognised in the industry as


Most Trusted Bus Operator Software


Next Generation Bus GDS


Largest Direct Bus Inventory


Highest No. of Booking Portals & Apps


Driving Highest Operator e-bookings


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