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Why work with Bitla?

SMEs contribute to 30% of India’s GDP, providing employment to 40% of the workforce. SME entrepreneurs are the backbone of India’s economy. Bus entrepreneurs belong to the SME segment, providing a majority contribution to the travel vertical and it contributes 8% of the GDP. Despite disorganized government support in the form of policy, fiscal and legal matters, bus entrepreneurs contribute to a major portion of nation-building. In Bitla, we believe that when bus entrepreneurs succeed, they innovate for better passenger experiences and provide more substantial employment opportunities. Bitla celebrates bus entrepreneurs and takes pride in joining hands with them. We have aligned our organizational values and processes towards the success of bus operators, as our true north direction. Our employees are committed to ensuring that bus operators will win.

Bitlasoft why bitla

Our Values

bitla values

Bitla has been blessed by bus operators who truly believed in us, who graciously agreed to adopt early versions of our product and have worked with us to evolve it over 15 years. During this period, the rise of technology usage, its importance has significantly grown and has changed the technology needs of bus operators. Bitla has evolved to develop core technology expertise and has strived to provide this advantage to bus operators. Over time, the bus industry has grown, and alongside, Bitla had its due share of growth too. Although matured as an organization, the company has retained the humility of a startup and agility, which is needed for the success of our customers. We continue to operate as an independent company with our own office and executive management team. We have partnered with several technology products, OTAs, booking agents and engaged with state associations to work alongside the bus ecosystem.

bitla values

Our customers demand data security, privacy, flexibility, speed and simplicity in our products and the way we support them. We have made data security and privacy non-negotiables in our organization. Today we are working with the majority of the bus operators in India, whom we count as our happy customers and who can vouch for Bitla.