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Q: What makes Bitla different from other travel solutions?

Bitla's products are incredibly fast, simple to use, works always without downtime, and is flexible to customizations. Since 2007, Bitla has proven to be a reliable technology partner to 2500+ bus operators across 5+ countries.

Q: Are Bitla’s products user-friendly?

Yes. Bitla's products are loved by users. Its mobile and desktop apps are simple to use, without the need for any training.

Q: How quickly are the users’ queries addressed?

One of Bitla's values is customer success. Bitla is known for its friendly support. Customer queries are always answered within record time.

Q: How Safe is my data?

Bitla takes the security of customer data very seriously. Your booking and user data is fully secure, by using the industry's best security standards.

Q: Are there any extra charges on using Bitla’s Booking System?

No. One of Bitla's value is honesty. It believes in full transparency of pricing. There are no hidden charges.

Q: How does Bitla help bus operations?

Bitla provides technology for bus operators, to enable digitization of seat inventory, setting up an online store, enabling seats to be sold through a branch office, agents or other OTAs.

Q: What are the SaaS products offered by Bitla Software?

Bitla is heading three SaaS products:

  • TicketSimply: TicketSimply makes it possible to digitize seat inventory, set up an online store, enable seats to be sold through a branch office, agents or other OTAs.
  • CargoSimply: CargoSimply is a cargo business management solution that simplifies bookings, operations, tracking and goods monitoring that need to be delivered at the right time.
  • TrackinGo: A simple and smart way to track the location of a bus in real-time.
Q: What are all the benefits of using the Bitla bus booking system?

Bitla provides comprehensive software, which is suitable for all sizes of bus operations. Benefits are increased revenues through own website bookings, strong integrations with all OTAs, cost savings with centralized inventory for bookings from multiple branch offices or agents.

Q: How do I contact Bitla Software?

If you want to get in touch with us, please click here.