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Our Journey

A brief history


Start of Bitla’s journey towards introducing cloud-based solutions to Bus Operators.


The much-needed affirmation for its solution, the first client goes live and thumbs up for its proof of concept which was critical for Bitla.


Bitla became the no.1 SaaS provider in Karnataka with most of the Bus Operators using its solution.


First to launch Mobile Apps for its Bus Operators to help them cater to their passengers.


2011-14 had been expansion, expansion and expansion for Bitla, its solution has been widely accepted in every other state of India- Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad and thus eventually making Bitla the market leader PAN INDIA in Bus Operators SaaS provider.


Launched TrackingGo, Cargosimply apps for operators as well as for passengers. Bitla enters the International markets of Nigeria, Cambodia, Kenya, Chile etc.


Introduced Mobility solutions, the first of such technology, to digitize In-Journey Operations for Bus Operators. Won "Best interactive and Best managed stall" at Prawaas, Bus Industry’s biggest event in India.


“MakeMyTrip”, India's largest travel company, acquired Bitla


Bitla expanded rapidly into Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Peru, Columbia. Bitla won the Prawaas award for the second time for being the "Most Interactive and Best Managed stall".