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Off‐Page SEO: What It Is and Why It’s Important?


Off‐Page SEO: What It Is and Why It’s Important?

Off-Page SEO is an outside activity of the website to upgrade your ranking within the search result pages. Let’s bring in the same analogy of being a hotel owner to understand it easily. As a hotel owner, you can’t run your business by just doing the interiors. Suppose your hotel is very comfortable but lies in the middle of a huge forest and there is no connectivity with the nearby highway. Do you think your hotel will get business? Yes, it will only get business if any guest is ready to trek to your hotel. The same goes for websites. You need to serve the customers with external information. Build a community to establish your services & offers. For example, location, routes and advertising. Be a brand among customers by doing publicity. This is said to be Off-Page SEO. Let’s go through Off-Page SEO activities.

Link Building: It helps in building the credibility of the website by acquiring “hyperlink” to your website on another website. Here the website grabs another website source through a link, this strengthens your content information as well as the service.

Social Media: People today, focus more on Social Media. So make your social networks live for your website. One of the major roles of Off-Page SEO is to promote your website to the next level. Multiple clicks on your content will increase your level of visitors.

Directory Submission: In this, applying your website URL on other web directories to create a one-way link. This helps to classify your information and will categorise your website link.

Blogging: It is the best way to educate your customers and keep adding fresh content to your website. It helps to promote your content feature. Blogs are there to convey the information to the customers. Places to visit, Things to know, Special attractions… these indexes can be included in a Travel blog that helps visitors to be more friendly with the website and the services.

Destination pages for websites

The first impression for viewers will be there on an optimized homepage, but providing separate pages for each service/section will always be a plus point for the website. A travel website has got a lot to express out as content. Nowadays viewers are more concerned about the services provided by the website & the features added on the service. So each service should have a separate page, thus the viewers will get a complete picture of the service.

Technical SEO & Social SEO

Technical SEO is a practice to optimize the website infrastructure. It includes sitemaps, page speed, mobile-friendliness, canonical URLs usage, the 404 pages, implementation of multi-language websites, optimization of images and videos and all the other technical procedures to improve the search visibility.

Social SEO for every marketing or business needs a wide range of promotions. Social SEO is one of the marketing strategies of the website. The influence of social media on society is more. So the promotion of a website is easily done through social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter are good ways to connect with society and increase conversion rates. To be more precise, create a page/an account for the website on different social networking platforms & post the service features, travel tips, travel diaries and more to engage with your viewers.

Points to remember about Travel SEO

  • Optimize website for local SEO
  • Homepage optimization
  • Keywords Research
  • Optimize destination pages
  • Provide proper & attractive content
  • Focus on social media & blog
  • Ensure mobile-friendly
  • Ensure website security