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Frequently Asked Questions for Social Distancing Configuration?


Frequently Asked Questions for Social Distancing Configuration?

As we all know almost all the Bus Operators are closely connected with various travel agencies or individual travel agents to bring bus bookings. Such a dependency on the travel agencies comes with a challenge to maintain huge transactions responsibly for the bus operators. In such scenarios, there is a need to have a proper system to maintain the transactions to avoid any discrepancies. Here TicketSimply by Bitla Software comes to the bus operators rescue. We at Bitla have added a feature called the Agent Status Configuration which helps in handling such situations with minimum error.

Let’s begin with further understanding “What is the use of Agent Status Configuration?”.

The importance of agent credit status is to set up a framework that is intended to create the best workspace among employees. Using the Bitla login, we are deciding which role has the privilege to set up the agent payment status and also the controlling access.

To be more specific, wouldn’t it be better, if we are distributing the responsibilities to many users instead of assigning them to an individual?. This feature greatly simplifies the management of permissions and allows you to create privileges for each user. Not every employee within the feature can access every status option. This access control strategy really helps in identifying the errors, at which level it happened and makes the process more efficient.

Now, let’s have a look into the configuration.

How to configure the Agent Status Configuration?

  • Login to your Bitla account & Go to the settings
  • Click on the right side “Agent Status Configuration” option
  • Look for Agent Status Configuration on the right column
  • Once you click on it, you will see a list of users you have created in your account and 5 status options under each of them.
  • Check the status boxes that you would like to permit for the user
  • Once it is done, click the save button to implement the changes

This is how assigning permissions to the users based on the role within the feature. It offers a simple and fine-grained controlling access that allows users to get their work done easily. If you are not able to see this option “Agent Status Configuration” in your settings, please contact our support team “

You can also take the help of the video to understand the feature better: Click Here